Hi, I’m Dan

You need a techie and I’m it. 25 years old, I’ve been working with businesses from the age of 18. Starting in an award winning business services company my love for lead optimisation, automation and general tech was enhanced by everything I learned from one of the UK’s largest business growth networks.

I help businesses get the most from their marketing spend by optimising customer pathways to generate higher conversions on leads. This is so important to me because I love to see businesses grow. I pull from over 8 years experience of helping businesses, big and small, achieve their goals through automation, strategy and optimisation.

“You cannot possibly go wrong with Daniel. He’s a fucking superstar with ActiveCampaign and always has great ideas in regards to problems I need solving on various projects. His support is absolutely unbeatable.”

Matt Tricot

What’s the why?

I don’t just get tech, I get business too! That’s the really important part. When I was a member of a business growth network I noticed a bit of a missing link. The thing is they’d tell the attendees, entrepreneurs like you and me, what to do but not how to do it.

That caused a huge problem for them, after all they’d gone into business to do what they loved, not what I loved. So, ultimately they’d end up with systems they didn’t need, didn’t know how to use and that cost them money. Not to mention that they couldn’t implement the awesome funnels, tracking, split testing and pretty much everything else that their business network was telling them to.

It was frustrating for a lot of members.

I take that frustration away, annihilate those unnecessary costs, zen the stress of learning new systems and, importantly, bridge the canyon between what you learn and what you’re able to implement.

Ask me a question I’ll give you an answer, if I don’t know it’ll pretty much become my mission to get the answer. Even if that does mean learning the basics of coding a new plugin in a night.

Nothing is impossible – just highly improbable…
…and even then I’ll make it work

Start the ball rolling…

I’ve been practicing hard on my telepathy but until I get my licence from Ofcom I’m going to need you to get in touch through the more traditional ways.

You can normally find me around on Facebook Messenger, pop me a message, send a friend request and join my group. If you’re not a fan of the Book then you can also find me on LinkedIn, connect with me there if you like and of course feel free to email me or use my contact from, both of which you can find here.