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Active Campaign forms are great for generating leads. With the Floating Bar forms you’ll be able to create awesome looking forms with settings for when to show it to visitors, as a result you’ll get more leads and keep return visitors happy.

Active Campaign Forms

Here’s a quick video on setting up your floating bar forms. With Active Campaign they’re super easy to build, design and add to your site. In this video I’m using Active Campaign to build and WordPress to host the form. You will need a plugin for the modal forms that I’ll tell you about in the video.

Building forms in Active Campaign forms has been designed to be as simple as possible. A drag and drop builder combined with an intuitive design editor will allow you to get your forms looking perfect. More options on forms and their actions make them even more powerful, allowing you to add tags, start automations, notify people and much more. Not forgetting that your confirmation email is fully customisable and you can even turn it off if you want to. For any coders out there, the forms are also fully customisable with your own JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Forms built with Active Campaign any updates you make will automatically be published to the forms on your website, that’s a massive time saver!

Give the video a watch and then give it a try. It’s extremely simple to do and you’ll only ever have to do it once for each modal form you create. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below or contact me here.

Video and Downloads

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