A powerful tool for
data driven marketing

That’s a big claim right? Right! Tracking links are the best way to track each and every action taken in any marketing campaign. It’s amazing how many people don’t know about tracking links, especially when you consider that tracking links have been around for donkeys years and they’re totally free to use. Yep, 100% free and what’s more Google Analytics automatically tracks and creates custom reports for each campaign! So let’s not waste any more data, get started with the link builder!

How to use this tool

In the form below you’ll see four fields. Each field needs to be completed before you can generate your tracking link.

The first field, Your domain, needs to include your domain name. For example mine would be https://www.developeratthedock.co.uk
You should include the https://www. too but you do not need to include a final forward slash on your domain.

In the second field, Campaign Source you need to enter where the link will be posted. For example will it be in your email newsletter, on social media or somewhere else?

The third field is asking for the Campaign Medium. This could be ‘print’ for a magazine or bulky mail, ‘tpwebsite’ if it’s going on someone else’s website, or ‘social’ if it’s going on social media

The Campaign Name needs to be something you will remember in the future, for example if you’re doing a Valentines Day offer you might add the current year too. EG ValentinesDay2018. This should be the same for every link in the campaign as Google Analytics will automatically generate reports for this campaign title

Create a Tracking Link

Your domain:
This should include the https://www. bit too
Campaign Source:
Is this a newsletter, social media post or something else?
Campaign Medium:
Is it print, email, social or something else?
Campaign Name: A memorable name for your campaign. This might stay the same across a number of links in the same marketing campaign
Create Link

Your Link Will Appear Here

Here’s your tracking link:

What Now?

Once you’ve created your tracking link you can post it wherever you like. It might look a bit ugly but not to worry, you can use a tool such as goo.gl or bit.ly to shorten your links